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Compost Pilot

To a new journey!

The secret of change is to
focus all of your energy not on fighting the old,
but on building the new.

We have a rare advantage in time where science, technology, and globalization have opened our eyes and supplied us with a great means of connection, security, and knowledge. 
We are always growing and evolving with a goal to always do better for us now and the future. 
Part of changing involves a change in routine.

Starting now...
You have the opportunity to be part of something new that benefits you, your community, and the planet!
This project relies on YOU to help us keep the sewage lines clean from materials that bog down the infrastructure. By keeping food out of the pipes, you not only conserve water but you conserve costs for processing that material out of the fresh water supply. Food is damaging and a nuisance to the sewage system and our landfills. 
Help us compost and make a valuable finished product in the process!
Prolong the life of our system's infrastructure and save on fees for your community and ultimately yourself.
It's simple!
We will be conducting a city pilot project for 90 days aimed at conserving water and diverting food waste. 
Pickups will be on Tuesday to coincide with regular trash day. 
Simply collect compostable material in our compost bucket and set to the curb on trash day.
Starting Tuesday December 6th
We greatly appreciate your participation in this free service to build a more resilient community.
The community in which you live!



If you are not part of the neighborhood curbside pilot
look into our other transfer options below


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