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How Does It Work?


Submit an inquiry to set-up the process and have a bin dropped off to location of choice.

Start collecting food scraps(no meat or dairy at this time). Vegetables, fruits, coffee/tea, egg shells, breads, pastas/grains, food soiled paperboard.

We will swap out your bin with a clean one each service day.

Included in the service: Waste reduction analysis and free compost. Donate to our farm partners or have it delivered to you.


How Does It Work?


We believe change happens first with awareness.

Next, accepting YOUR power on that change.

Finally..... taking action!

COR's mission is to help create the opportunity and convenience for every member of the community to easily impact their footprint.

How can you start processing what was once considered waste into a valuable and critical resource?

Pick your level

Here are the ways we can help:

Compost 101- We will gladly talk dirt. Throw us a couple questions if you need help with diy backyard composting.


 On-site Consultation- Need help with bin choice, placement, and possibly a custom build? Basic bin set up and consultation starting at $50. 


   Transfer Options- Initial $10 startup membership. Includes bucket/lid/profile and education on what to collect and how to dispose.

Sign up at Forsyth Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 9-1

Choose your transfer

Free Self Serve Station 1- 68th

Free Self Serve Station 2- Howard

Farmers Market Station $1/drop (covers rent and overhead to operate)

Compost back!



$15/ Month- every other week pick up

$20/ Month- every week pick up

Bucket / lid/ footprint tracker/ liners/ and instructions provided

Compost back!

$5 credit for every referral

Show interest for your neighborhood!