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Just a reminder, we will no longer be at the market on Saturdays! We have enjoyed the last three years immensely and appreciate all the support. 

PLEASE keep up the good work of composting:

1. In your backyard

2. At our Self Serve Stations

3. Our Curbside Pickup


For the same price as a coffee each week, you could have the convenience of full service pick up from your door! Depending on where you live, it may be cheaper to have the pickup service versus driving to the stations yourself. And you get compost back with curbside. Please consider supporting us not in just a movement for community change, but as a service. This helps sustain the business and those who work for it.

Think LOCAL and personal for all your gardening food needs. Remember compost is about the biology! If it ships across the country wrapped in plastic, chances are all those beneficial microorganisms were suffocated in the process. We also deliver the product to your door and are more cost effective in bulk than by the bag at retail stores.

Good news is we have a public shopping portal now for such orders of compost, liquid fertilizer, Panhandle Slim Yard signs,natural homemade bucket cleaner/deodorizer, and more on the way! Just put in your zip code to view products in the link and we will deliver to you! 

Code of Return Compost | Support (


ONE FINAL EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! We have a documentary about this movement in the works. Check out the teaser below and help us get this awareness out there! SHARE with everyone you know!! If you want to share your voice contact the team on the link. They are covering as many perspectives in this action as they can and would love some voices. 

Invasion of the Bucket Snatchers | Indiegogo

$15/Month- every other week pick up$20/ Month- every week pick up
Bucket / lid/ footprint tracker/ liners/ and instructions provided
Compost back every Spring and Fall. Get back what you contributed to!
Give $5 Get $5 Referral Program
Show interest for your neighborhood!

Location Tip:
Treat your collection bucket as you would your outside trash receptacle. We suggest using a small container in the kitchen for daily collection to transfer in the COR bucket when full or end of day. If you keep the COR bucket easily accessible to you and us you won't have to remember to move it on pickup day. Keep in mind if its by
your regular trash, sanitation employees may discard the bucket.

 Interested in participating for the environmental and social impact yet not interested in DIY, a fee, or finished product back? This is the option for you! 

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