Greetings fellow Compost Stars! Cool evenings and crisp autumn mornings bring a near close to year 2023. It will be three years since we began here at the market in 2020 as a means of community composting. What a great journey it has been so far! Together we have now collected and processed over 175,00 lbs of food scraps and processed back into a growing medium for the plant cycle once again. Over 1,000 residents have shown this support and helped create the awareness needed for community change. Joining the movement let us not forget the leadership of the local restaurants and hotels that fuel our growth and have diverted over 800,000 lbs.
Cheers to continuous growth and development. Our motto has always been compost with us regardless of your time, space, or budget. Consultations, transfers, and curbside pickups from free to subscription based. Choose your convenience. It is our desire to always have options that will work for everyone to contribute to a strong and resilient community. A community that keeps its resources local and regenerative for the future.
With growth comes change. Although we view ourselves as a movement, we are also a business. A new means of diverting sanitation and providing a more environmental approach to resident and commercial services. It is important that if we want this to continue, we must consider all decisions for the sustainability of the business. After many months of debate, we have decided that we will not be signing on for another year at the market. Such a bittersweet decision for us as we truly have had some of the most joyous times in one of the most beautiful parks and people. We will continue to the end of this year and help every participant transition to either our free self-serve stations (no compost back) or our subscription-based pickups.
Please consider all the ways that you can help COR truly grow by supporting us in the curbside services or compost/gardening products. It is our service fees that keep our overhead covered and room for progression, as well as the means to provide free services such as our self serve stations. Without that support there is no future for the movement.

We have a fantastic new program with a personal portal to the member with real time environmental impact and opportunities for credits, add on products, and compost back right to your door. Stay tuned for future prefab kits in growing and composting. Our focus will be on encouraging and assisting in the sustainability and empowerment of each community member on their own home front. Thank you for all your support and continued action in a cleaner future.
It truly takes a community!

$15/Month- every other week pick up$20/ Month- every week pick up
Bucket / lid/ footprint tracker/ liners/ and instructions provided
Compost back every Spring and Fall. Get back what you contributed to!
Give $5 Get $5 Referral Program
Show interest for your neighborhood!

Location Tip:
Treat your collection bucket as you would your outside trash receptacle. We suggest using a small container in the kitchen for daily collection to transfer in the COR bucket when full or end of day. If you keep the COR bucket easily accessible to you and us you won't have to remember to move it on pickup day. Keep in mind if its by
your regular trash, sanitation employees may discard the bucket.

 Interested in participating for the environmental and social impact yet not interested in DIY, a fee, or finished product back? This is the option for you!