FOOD WASTE alternative! Providing an environmental approach to waste management.

Our Mission:

 Remedy a broken cycle and create nutrient dense living soil in the process!

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What is


There are more microorganisms in a teaspoon of soil then there are people on the earth. Soil micro-organisms are so abundant that 70 to 80 percent have yet to be identified. Home to a quarter of our planet's biodiversity.

Our food waste and other organic materials are the fuel for teeming life. These microorganisms break down the materials into a rich nutrient amendment called Compost.

These nutrients provide an essential function in nourishing and protecting plants. So by composting  scraps you not only create replenish the food cycle.

A true farm to table and table back to farm revolution!

50% of our garbage set out at the curb is compostable. Every year the U.S. landfills and incinerates over 150 million tons of garbage.



Yard trimmings

Wood waste





At the same time....

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization states that annually 75 billion tons of soil (25 million acres) of arable land is lost to erosion, water logging, and salinization. The United States alone is losing soil 18 times more rapidly then it is forming it.

If we have declared a war against the soil itself, then we are literally committing a species level suicide.

- Dr. Vandana Shiva

Turn a problem into a solution!


Conserves Water

Reduces Green House Gases

Aids In Soil Erosion/Health

Decreases The Need For Chemicals