Interested in curbside pickup?
We offer weekly or Bi-weekly pickups. Bucket, lid, and liners are provided. Weight and carbon footprint report as well as compost back each Spring and Fall

Location Tip:
Treat your collection bucket as you would your outside trash receptacle. We suggest using a small container in the kitchen for daily collection to transfer in the COR bucket when full or end of day. If you keep the COR bucket easily accessible to you and us you won't have to remember to move it on pickup day. Keep in mind if its by your regular trash, sanitation employees may discard the bucket.

Curbside Pickup
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We are servicing Savannah, Pooler, and Richmond Hill at this time

Some of our compost clients keep their scrap bowl or bag in the freezer if they don't have a lot of waste and they choose the every other week option to keep any odors at bay and their bucket clean.